Our Team


Dennis Thomas


Bill Gregerson

VP, Office Manager

Bill has been at Denco for 25 years. Bill has a Business degree from Iowa State.

Austin Thomas

VP, Pressure Grouting, Mudjacking, & Soil Stabilization Superintendent

Austin has been at Denco for 6 years. He spends his work day building Denco's reputation with quality work and motivating the rest of the Denco crew to do the same. He enjoys working at Denco for the exciting challenges that each day brings and getting to interact with great people on a daily basis. He enjoys spending time with his family and friends, hunting and doing any outdoor activity he can.

Alex Thomas

VP, Project Estimator, Human Resources

Alex has been at Denco for 6 years. He is responsible for estimating, HR, and administration at Denco. Alex received his Business Administration degree from Dordt College.


Jesse Denman

Sales Lead

Jesse Denman has been at Denco for 25 years. During the day you can find Jesse meeting with clients and looking for new projects. Jesse has over 30 years experience in the road maintenance industry.

John Stonebraker


John retired as the Assistant Engineer for Grundy and Hardin Counties in Iowa before coming to work for Denco. He is a licensed surveyor.

Ben Maxwell

Sales, Project Estimating

Ben has been at Denco for 3 years. During his day you can find him meeting with county engineers, looking at work for counties and the State of Iowa, and finding new ways to introduce people to Denco. Ben Has a Business Management degree from Central College and enjoys spending time with his wife, Chantelle, dog, Kaya and his family and friends.

Chad Maxwell


Eric Vande Zande

Sales, Project Estimator


Rich Maxwell

General Superintendent

Rich has been at Denco for 6 years. During the day you can find him giving project estimates, coordinating projects, working with the Denco crew and foreman to complete projects and building working relationships with contracting authorities. Rich's favorite part of his job is that he gets to see the State of Iowa and work with a great group of people. Rich has a wife, children and grandchildren. He loves spending time with his family and getting to play with his grand-kids.

John Beasley

Clean & Fill Superintendent

John has been with Denco for 1.5 years. He is in charge of the Clean and Fill team at Denco. John's favorite part of his job is getting to travel across the county roads and visiting the small towns of Iowa. When he is not working, John enjoys hunting and fishing.

Tim Bruce

Clean & Fill Foreman

Tim Bekish

Patching Superintendent

Jim has been working in the concrete industry for more than 10 years.

Rafael Cervantes

Patching Foreman

German Zavala

Mudjacking and Snap-Tite Superintendent

German has more than 10 years of experience with Pressure Grouting and installing Snap-Tite Culvert Liners.

Aaron Sandbulte

Slurry Superintendent

Aaron has been at Denco for 5 years. During the day you can find him onsite supervising the slurry crew, communicating with clients and maintaining, fixing and operating equipment. Aaron's favorite part of his job is working in fast paced conditions in an ever changing environment and always learning something new. He received his Business administration degree from Dordt college. Aaron enjoys spending time with his wife, Alexandria and their dog, Izzy. For fun, he enjoys hunting, fishing, and gardening.

Steve Warden

Sales, Foreman

Steve has 12 years experience in the highway maintenance industry.

Wes Arkema

Sealing Superintendent

Brandon Veenstra

Slurry Foreman

Brandon has five years of experience as a Slurry Foreman.

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