Pressure Grouting

What it is:

Pressure Grouting & Mudjacking

Pressure Grouting & Mudjacking are two terms used to define various treatments involving pumping grout (a smooth-flowing concrete) below the pavement (usually over culverts or next to bridge decks). Our Pressure Grouting process can be used to raise sunken pavement over culverts or on bridge approaches. Sunken pavement is caused by water flow problems underneath the road surface.

Often the problem is separated culvert joints or culverts too small or inadequately designed for the amount of water flow. On bridges, the problem is often caused by water flowing beneath the bridge supports and eroding the base over time.

Denco’s unique process in these areas stabilizes the soils being treated, helping to repair and avoid future problems. Other companies use pressure grouting to treat the same issues, but
in a way that doesn’t stabilize the soils as well. If pressure grouting is applied above a culvert with separated joints, we will first go in the culvert and patch the joints to prevent further erosion.

CMP & Box Floor Rehabilitation

CMP (Corrugated Metal Pipe) is a type of culvert design made out of steel. Over time, the steel bottom rusts and corrodes away, allowing water to flow underneath the culvert (called undermining) which leads to erosion beneath the road, leading to dips in the pavement, and necessitating our pressure grouting treatment. This treatment begins with repairing the undermining, then repairing the inlet and outlet of the culvert to bring back proper water flow through the culvert. Next a steel-reinforced concrete floor for the CMP culvert is poured.

Every location is unique, so we begin every Pressure Grouting project with an onsite evaluation. We apply creative solutions to meet the needs for every location.

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