Denco offers the following services for asphalt roads and surfaces:


Paverx revitalizes, seals, protects, and beautifies asphalt pavements. It prevents damage caused by fuel and oil spills while extending the life of old, oxidized pavement.

Joint & Crack Sealing

Joint & Crack Sealing is the first step in preventative maintenance for asphalt pavement surfaces. Sealing extends the life of the pavement by reducing water intrusion, which will prevent and slow down secondary cracking and spalling.

Crack Cleaning & Filling

Crack Cleaning & Filling is recommended on asphalt pavements with cracking too severe or too random to be treated with crack sealing. Crack Cleaning & Filling extends the life of the pavement by reducing water intrusion, while also filling in voids that form beneath the pavement surface.

Slurry Leveling

Slurry leveling is a structural and cosmetic repair for recessed joints (dips) in a road caused by deterioration underneath the pavement. Slurry leveling improves a road’s ride and seals large cracks in the surface of the pavement.

Slurry Strip Sealing

Slurry Strip Sealing is just like slurry leveling except it treats longitudinal depressions, wheel ruts and centerlines.
Paverx Snap-Tite

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