Slurry Leveling

What it is:

Slurry leveling is a structural and cosmetic repair for recessed joints (dips) in a road caused by deterioration underneath the pavement surface. Slurry leveling improves a road’s ride and seals large cracks in the surface of the pavement. When transverse joint roll down is noticeably affecting a road’s ride, or when longitudinal joints (including the centerline) are depressed, Slurry Leveling may be a good treatment.

Slurry is a mixture of emulsified asphalt, mineral aggregate, water, and cement. Ideally, Slurry Leveling is preceded by Cleaning & Filling the cracks, but it can be a good treatment on its own. Where Crack Sealing or Cleaning & Filling are forms of preventative maintenance, Slurry Leveling is considered Corrective Maintenance (although it can serve both purposes in many situations).

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