Class A Bridge Deck Repair

What it is:

Iowa weather is hard on bridges. Our extreme temperatures result in a freeze-thaw cycle that wreaks havoc on the pavements, causing them to deteriorate at an accelerated rate. Furthermore, plows fight a constant battle against snow and ice through much of the winter, and the deicing materials contribute significantly to the deterioration on concrete bridge surfaces. The result of this deterioration is cracking and delamination of the concrete, corrosion of the reinforcing steel, and loss of bond between the concrete and reinforcing bars.

Fortunately, Class A Bridge Deck Repair can add years to a deteriorating concrete bridge, delaying the need for costly overlays. Denco has successfully repaired hundreds of bridges across Iowa, using our proven and cost-efficient process of determining the location of deteriorated areas, removing the unsound concrete and filling the holes with Iowa DOT approved Portland cement. The Deck is repaired down to sound material, meaning that it is repaired below the corrosion of the reinforcing steel. Class A Bridge Deck repair controls and slows the moisture that corrodes the reinforcing steel through surface damage.

Choosing to repair the bridge deck can add years to a deteriorating bridge and can save time and money because it delays the need for expensive overlays.

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