Full-Depth Patching

What it is:

Full-Depth Patching

Full-Depth Patching repairs broken, deteriorated, and potholed areas in concrete or cement surfaces. Repairing broken surfaces is important because damaged poorly maintained road can cause damage and pose safety threats to vehicles, their drivers, and snow plows. Full-Depth Patching provides a smoother ride and can increase the life of the pavement, delaying the need for costly replacements and overlays.

Here are a couple other services often requested with Full-Depth Patching:

Bridge Expansion Joint Repair

Bridge Expansion Joint Repair is the resealing of the joint where the road meets the bridge deck. This is necessary for the safety of the people who drive over the bridge everyday and to prevent the deterioration of the bridge.

Rumble Strips

Rumble Strips are little strips that are secured to the pavement to service as safety warnings to drivers. They indicate incoming hazards, sharp corners and intersections.

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Please contact Dennis Thomas (dennis@dencohighway.com) or Alex Thomas (alex@dencohighway.com)with any questions or to inquire about how Denco Highway can help you today or fill out the contact form below.

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