PCC Joint & Crack Sealing

What it is:

Joint & Crack Sealing is a form of preventative maintenance that extends the life of pavement by reducing water, salt, and chemical intrusion into the pavement. Chemicals and water deteriorate the concrete at the base of the joints. This means that much of the damage is done before it can be seen, but early sealing of the joints and cracks can slow secondary cracking and spalling.

For the best results, it is recommended that joint sawing and sealing is done before signs of wear begin to appear. Sawing joints gives the road the flexibility necessary to deal with the stresses from traffic and weather fluctuations. Sawing leaves the pavement open to moisture, however, so sealing must be done to protect them. By sealing the joints, the moisture infiltration is reduced significantly without interfering with the flexibility provided by the sawing. Joint & Crack Sealing effectively preserves the life and overall integrity of the pavement.

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